1. A Letter of Appeal for the Seventh Day Sabbath

   2. Introduction to the Seventh Day Sabbath

   3. Basic Christian Truth of the Seventh Day Sabbath

   4. The Seventh Day Sabbath that God has given to Mankind

   5. The Seventh Day Sabbath Movement in China

   6. The ARK Forum Letter on the Russian Visitors and the Sabbath

   7. Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth on the Sabbath Day

   8. The True Seventh Day Sabbath

   9. Questions from an ARK Forum subscriber answered

 10. Seventh Day Sabbath Discussions

May God bless you

Paul Wong is a Christian minister and the President of ARK International.
His ministry also serves as an architectural service company in Houston.
The ARK Forum on the Internet is international and non-denominational


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P.O. Box 19707. Houstton,

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